This weekend, I had to sit with the home fans because of the EFL

Saturday was a great day out for all concerned with Plymouth Argyle. The 1-0 win against the then table toppers Forest Green Rovers sent us all home with beaming smiles. I was also delighted with the result, but left the ground thinking that football needs to do better.

Before I even arrived I knew that it was going to be a weird experience. Forest Green Rovers do not have accessible seating arrangements in their away end. Surprising though it may be, EFL laws do not state that a club must have accessible seating in all areas of their ground, just that they must have a space in their ground. Hence, I found myself sitting among the opposition fans on Saturday.

I was already apprehensive about the idea, with just two other Argyle fans due to there be there alongside me. After all, being in the terraces with people who support the same team, and share that passion for your city and club, is a massive part of what makes football the ‘beautiful game’, doesn’t it?

Yet, just thirty minutes into the game – and despite my team winning – I felt very uncomfortable. We had to put in a complaint after a Forest Green supporter made a disabilist comment towards us. Then, a Forest Green player shouted at the fan sat next to me, telling them to ‘f***off’ after the he had questioned the substitute’s conduct towards the linesman.

This may sound like standard fare for a football game, but when you’re isolated in the home end, it can be more intimidating. To add to this, Forest Green manager Mark Cooper insinuated that my dad was lying about the language used by the player towards the fan.

It must be noted that the ground staff at Forest Green dealt with the situation swiftly and accordingly once they were told of the comments (an investigation into the events is currently occurring). My credit goes to the club for that.

This could and should have been avoided

That being said, this all could and should have been avoided, had Forest Green provided the correct facilities for disabled away supporters.

However, I am not just here to point the finger at Forest Green Rovers. This may have been my first instance of having to sit in the home end during an away match, but I have heard stories from my friends of being spat on at Fratton Park in a match against Portsmouth.

Meanwhile, Exeter City did not provide disabled toilets in their away end last month, meaning that my friend had to use the facilities in the home end. Travelling there and back was not only inconvenient, but also incredibly annoying given we were 1-0 down and he was having to travel right through the middle of Exeter fans.

This in itself is a breach of EFL rules, as appendix 1 paragraph 11 clearly states that “those areas of the ground providing disabled facilities in accordance with paragraph 15 below must also provide appropriate disabled toilet facilities”.

Time for change

For things to change, the attitude towards making football a more inclusive game for all needs to improve from the top, down.

First, the government should pass legislation that forces the EFL to adopt stricter rules surrounding disabled seating, that guarantees accessibility to all areas of each ground. Appendix 1 paragraph 15 need to be amended to clearly specify that clubs must provide facilities for the accommodation of disabled supporters in all areas of the stadiumTrusting the EFL to regulate itself is a non-starter, as the expulsion of Bury has proved in recent months.

Clubs who fail to take such steps should be punished, either financially or through a points deduction.

For the time being, if an away supporter needs to purchase disabled tickets and the club do not provide accessible seating with the fellow away fans, the person needs to be notified in advance. Before I purchased my ticket, I received no prior warning from either Plymouth Argyle or Forest Green Rovers that I wouldn’t be with the away fans.

After my experience on Saturday, I made a decision that I would not go to Forest Green again, at least not until they sort out an area with accessible seating for away supporters. This isn’t the way it should be. Football is meant to be a game that brings people together, not one that pushes them apart.

Football has made great strides in the last twenty or so years at becoming a more inclusive game for all.

Saturday reminded me we still have a long way to go for this to be the case.

You can help bring change about. Please sign our petition to change paragraph 15 and ensure disabled supporters can sit in all stands of a football stadium >

Ryan Lowe takes a page out of the Derek Adams playbook

Plymouth Argyle, playing in their first league game since that dreadful defeat in the Devon Derby, bounced back with a 1-0 win away at Forest Green Rovers. The hosts were top of League Two heading into the encounter, but Ryan Lowe’s side stood firm, battled strongly when required, and secured an excellent away win. In the process, the Pilgrims became just the second side to beat Forest Green at the New Lawn this season.

The performance itself was highly unusual. It was the sort of ugly, gutsy away win we had become so used to under Derek Adams, at least during the days in League Two with the Scot in charge. And yet, had anybody said Argyle would be winning games in this manner when Lowe took the Home Park reigns, they’d have been declared mad.

However, here we are, with Argyle securing a well-managed 1-0 win away at the league leaders. Was it pretty? God no! But the fact they got the job done may well mark a coming of age for Lowe’s men.

A very un-Lowe performance

As we’ve mentioned, what made this game so odd was the fact it was so far departed from what we’d expect a fixture with Ryan Lowe in the winning dugout to look like. When the Liverpudlian was employed by the Greens, and indeed in the weeks and months since, we have seen and heard plenty about his famed attacking style. One of the main attractions, of course, was the fact his Bury side scored over 100 goals last season.

Conversely, the stats from Saturday’s game paint an entirely different picture. Lowe’s side had just 42% of the ball, and completed over 100 fewer passes than their opponents (440 to 322). More than one in every five Argyle passes was a long ball, and it resulted in the Greens having just one shot on target across the ninety minutes. Their total pass success was a fairly poor 61%. Those are stats that would be enough to cause alarm in most games, but at the weekend, it was enough.

So why did it work out? There are probably a few factors to point at here. The first would be Argyle’s defensive setup, which allowed their opponents little space to work in, despite Argyle’s natural attacking instincts. Indeed, for all of the possession they had, Forest Green managed just one shot on target in the game, just as many as Argyle. The Pilgrims hit the net with theirs, whereas the hosts saw theirs saved – unconvincingly, but saved nonetheless – by Alex Palmer.

Surprise stars

When Argyle were building their squad across pre-season, there was cautious optimism around Home Park. Despite a heart-breaking relegation on the final day of last season, it was hard not to be excited by Lowe bringing in players to suit his ideas.

And yet, there were still a few of areas of concern when he named his first competitive starting lineup against Crewe. For instance, the defence still included Scott Wootton, who appeared to show last season that he wasn’t cut out for professional football at any level. In addition, Antoni Sarcevic’s inclusion in attacking midfield was worrying – he didn’t seem to have the creative talents to operate there in Lowe’s system. On Saturday, both were stars.

If things continue as they are, we’re going to have to start wondering who this new defender is, and what he’s done with lookalike Scott Wootton. His numbers were remarkable, and the ex-Manchester United defender deservedly picked up the player of the match award. He won a staggering 12 aerial duels – the second highest was Gary Sawyer with five – and was the player tasked with taming big centre back Matt Mills when he was sent on up front by Forest Green.

Antoni Sarcevic, meanwhile, found himself as Argyle’s match winner for the second time this season, his previous winning goal coming against Colchester United in the Greens’ first home game of the campaign. His goal this weekend certainly looked like a good finish at first viewing, and though we’ve since been able to see that it took a slight deflection, it’s still encouraging to see Sarcevic taking shots from those positions. His goals against Colchester and Carlisle have demonstrated just how deadly he can be.

Aside from his goal, Sarcevic also provided Argyle with an added midfield punch. He completed a couple of dribbles, and won a few tackles with his heavy pressing style to keep Argyle ticking across the game. He also took the chance to display his lesser-spotted creative side, with a superb backheel setting Byron Moore free shortly before Sarcevic himself broke the deadlock.

Is it sustainable?

The win on Saturday afternoon was lovely – who knows how vital a win at Forest Green will prove at the end of the season with the table tightening up? With the manner of victory being as it was, however, we have to ask whether or not Argyle will be able to keep things going.

Much of their success at the weekend relied on two players few would have expected to make such a positive difference. It’s hard not to be delighted for the pair of them, but the hard work for Wootton and Sarcevic is still to come. They need to prove that their current form is more than simply a flash in the pan. It would be very harsh to drop them based on their recent performances, so Argyle may well have to rely on the pair of them again in the coming weeks. They need to be up for that challenge.

As for the style of the performance, it would certainly be surprising if we saw too much more of it across rest of the campaign. Argyle did what they had to do at the weekend, and did it very well. But this certainly isn’t the style of football Ryan Lowe enjoys. One would suspect Argyle will look to get back on the front foot when Bradford visit Home Park next weekend.

That being said, if Argyle do what’s required on the road, and entertain at home, we could be in for a superb campaign yet.


From Lowe-ball to long-ball: territory, not possession, is king

Player Ratings: Forest Green 0 Plymouth Argyle 1

A hard fought win for Plymouth Argyle saw the Greens defeat table toppers Forest Green Rovers and climb back into the top-half.

The game was not without an aspect of fortune: the hosts missing a guilt edged chance in the second after Antoni Sarcevic’s deflected opener. By and large though, it was a well managed counter attacking win and a good rearguard effort restricting the hosts to few chances

Alex Palmer, GK – 7

In truth, Palmer wasn’t tested many times in terms of shot stopping. It was an Argyle rear-guard display that led to only one clear shot at goal for the hosts.

Palmer was largely solid with cross collection and distribution albeit there were a couple of shots spilled that could have done with better handling

Scott Wootton, CB – 8, player of the match

A commanding performance from the centre back, who takes the award for his second week in a row. His heading, often a weak area, was dominant and his use of the ball was clever more often than not.

Niall Canavan, CB – 7

Not a flawless performance, with what looked like a couple of lapses in concentration but he did enough to make up for it. He showed his typical composure on the ball and won more headers than he lost.

Gary Sawyer, CB – 7

A testing afternoon for Sawyer as Forest Green looked to play it down their right side a lot, especially in the second half. He was turned on a couple of occasions but generally rose to the challenge well, letting little past him.

Josh Grant, DM – 7

A tale of two halves for Grant. His second half performance wasn’t bad by any means but there were occasions when he sat a bit too deep and invited the hosts onto the defence.

However, his first half performance was sublime. He picked up numerous loose balls and fed the ball through well to our attacking midfielders. He’s made the defensive midfield role his own for now.

Joe Edwards, RWB – 7

Another solid performance from Edwards in the wing-back role. He hardly let anything past his from a defensive standpoint.

He doesn’t offer as much as McFadzean going forward but he did well in a testing situation when he was moved to LWB after an injury to McFadzean

Antoni Sarcevic, CM – 7

Like Josh Grant, an excellent and industrious first half display from the Mancunian who topped it off with a fantastic goal as well as some good runs. He was much less involved in the second half and didn’t take care of the ball as well as he might have done.

Danny Mayor, CM – 6

Mayor started the game like a rocket, often showing for the ball. He was also involved in a good set piece routine with Sarcevic that led to the goal. He did quieten down though after that point and whilst not bad, was a little wasteful with the ball in places.

Callum McFadzean, LWB – 7

He was only on for a half due to an injury which will perhaps concern Argyle fans. His half was good though, make no mistake. He linked up well with Mayor and Moore as well as offering defensive solidity.

Byron Moore, ST – 7

A lot of what he does will resonate well with Argyle fans. He chases and harries defenders and can seemingly do so all day long. As well as his lungs appearing to be made of steel, he also showed good use of the ball in the game and interlinked nicely with Sarcevic,

Joel Grant, ST – 5

A somewhat disappointing display in which lots of effort and energy didn’t really translate to end product. He wasn’t all bad but a lot of passes went awry and he didn’t get in many good scoring positions either. He may be feeling slight pressure for his spot now Telford is fit.


Joe Riley, RWB – 6

He was only on for 23 minutes, replacing McFadzean before seemingly recurring his own injury. He didn’t really get forward much but did the job at the back.

Dominic Telford, ST – 7

Telford did a lot of good in the time he was on. We seem to say this every time he plays but he does a ridiculous amount in the air for someone as short as he is. Good energy and passing too.

Ryan Taylor, ST – NA

He did what we brought him in to do: hold up the ball and see the game out. Box ticked.

Lowe: We’re going to Forest Green full of confidence

Plymouth Argyle manager Ryan Lowe has said that he is looking forward to this weekend’s fixture against Forest Green Rovers. He told reporters that “we are going there full of confidence. I’m really looking forward to it. it’s going to be a great game of football – for once”.

“Bolton was a great performance. Work ethic, desire, game management. We need to replicate that, that’s where you get your points”.

Lowe tends to share a similar philosophy about how the game should be played with this weekend’s opponents and their manager, Mark Cooper.  He was not short of praise for him either.

“Coops [Cooper] has done a fantastic job there – he’s one of the good guys, he plays the right way hence why they have been up there the last few seasons. I’ve got nothing but the utmost respect for Coops”.

Playmaker Danny Mayor echoed his boss’ thoughts by saying “Forest Green were a good team last season, they play football and have carried that on this year.”

After that, the attention then turned to the January transfer window and in particular young Argyle goalkeeper Michael Cooper.

Cooper impressed in Plymouth Argyle U23’s 1-1 draw with a young Everton side in the Premier League Cup on Sunday, making several smart saves to keep the scores level. This has prompted much of the fanbase to question whether, Cooper is close to taking Alex Palmer’s current position as starting goalkeeper.

Plymouth Live reporter Chris Errington questions whether “teams would start to take an interest in Cooper”, to which Lowe responded: “good question, I haven’t thought about it because he’s my goalkeeper and he’s connected to us. He’s not going anywhere and if he does we want a lot of money for him.”

The Argyle manager was also quick to point out that it wasn’t just Cooper making a good impression for the young Pilgrims.

“What about Adam Randell? he was the best player on the pitch in midfield. Young Jarvis Cleal played right wing-back and was flying past their under 23’s like they weren’t there, so it wasn’t just Coops.”

The conversation stayed on the topic of January, with Lowe talking about his hopes and prospects for the window. “It is starting to get a bit busy. We’re making connections left, right and centre. We’ve got people raving about us for the right reasons.”

“People are asking ‘Do you want this, do you want that?’ So for me that’s very pleasing”.


Preview: Forest Green v Plymouth Argyle

Opposition View: Forest Green v Plymouth Argyle

Plymouth Argyle are set to face League Two leaders Forest Green Rovers this weekend. Ahead of the encounter, we spoke to FGR fan Ollie Smith to get his thoughts. Ollie can be found on Twitter, and is also part of the new Forest Green podcast, The Pod on Top of the Hill.

First of all, how did you get into supporting Forest Green?

Forest Green Rovers are my local team, with my dad growing up not far from the old lawn and taking me to games from an early age. I remember a few of the players visiting my primary school handing out free tickets and since then I’ve been hooked.

There’s nothing better than watching your local side through the highs and the lows, travelling half way across the country for the game to be called off upon arrival and then scoring last minute winners to send the team top of the league.

Are there any Forest Green players in particular we should be looking out for this weekend?

Celtic loanee Jack Aitchison has been in a rich vein of form recently with his tricky quick feet in front of goal helping him to 4 goals in his last 4 this season, including an excellent finish against Cheltenham in the 2-1 El Glosico victory.

Dynamic box to box midfielder Ebou Adams has been superb for us, with his sheer energy allowing him to mop up in front of the backline and transition from defence to attack by winning the ball back and driving forwards. The Gambian international has been the most fouled player in the league and will definitely frustrate the Argyle midfield with his protection and shielding of the ball.

Matty Stevens is the vocal point of our attack and despite not necessarily having a prolific goal scoring record so far, he is doing everything else right. His tenacious work rate allows him to press the oppositions defence and with his runs in behind, more goals will naturally come.

With Rovers sat top of the league, would you say there is an expectation that the good times will last for the rest of the season?

Cooper has built a very strong, youthful talented squad at Forest Green for this season with a few experienced heads such as the Mills’ brothers & Winchester combined with hungry young players like Liam Kitching, Aitchison and Stevens, forming the perfect balance as we find ourselves top of the league. The table is still very close however with yourselves only 8 points off the top, despite being in 13th place. If we can get through the festive period and still be in around the top, then I feel as if we will be in a very good spot for automatic promotion.

You mention manager Mark Cooper – he’s been at The New Lawn for a few years now. What are your thoughts on him?

Mark Cooper has done an excellent job at Forest Green, achieving promotion to the Football League in his first season at the club and after securing survival in our first year in League Two, he almost led us to promotion last season before narrowly losing to Tranmere in the playoff semi-finals.

His relationship with the fans has had its ups and downs however with some supporters feeling his treatment of senior players and preference of playing his son Charlie over others being extremely arrogant and disrespectful, however as fans we don’t see behind the scenes, so there could be good reason for players being frozen out. Former assistant manager Scott Lindsey always embraced the fans after games and after his departure, Cooper has certainly stepped up and improved in his appreciation as seen with the celebrations after El Glosico.

What sort of tactical style do you expect to set up with on Saturday?

We are a team that looks to dominate possession and tire out our opponent allowing space to open up in the final third. This season we have been playing with a 3421 formation with Matty Stevens pressuring the back line and two inside forwards playing behind him, often Collins and Aitchison.

The wing backs are vital with constant work rate supporting both the attacks and defenders and Captain Joseph Mills being a potent source of goals and assists from down the left flank so far this season.

Fan favourite and recent resigning Elliot Frear has been ruled out with an injury from the Billericay tie, so it is likely Aaron Collins will come in to the side in his place.

And are there any real weak links in the side you’re worried about?

We have improved hugely on our defensive frailties from the past, with only 10 goals conceded so far this season and have been able to see out victories in a convincing manner, however occasionally the lung bursting forward runs of Wing backs Joseph Mills and Liam Shepherd can leave gaps for the opposition to take advantage of.

Towards the start of the season we struggled to create chances, with many 0-0 draws and 1-0 wins, and the number of shots taken per match being extremely low. Since the 1-0 loss at Exeter though, the team has really stepped up with some good attacking options at our disposal.

Do you think the 6-0 midweek defeat against Walsall in the EFL Trophy will have any impact on the weekend’s game?

Not really no, Cooper rung the changes for the game, with Aaron Collins the only survivor from the 4-0 FA Cup win over Billericay. The squad included a plethora of youth players including two 16-year-olds along with a selection of fringe first team players such as Adam Smith and Kyle Taylor who failed to impress and therefore provide Cooper with any selection headaches ahead of Saturdays game. Bowing out of the trophy is most likely a blessing in disguise as the games come thick and fast as we look to push for promotion.

What first comes to mind when you think of Plymouth Argyle?

The excellent loyal and vocal fan-base at the club, with over 1000 of the ‘Green Army’ travelling to The New Lawn I expect a good atmosphere in which will be a tough game for FGR , with Plymouth a big club with good players, who many predict will be up near the top of the table come May.

Which Argyle player, if any, would you like to sign?

Ryan Lowe has a similar style to Mark Cooper in terms of playing football the right way and Danny Mayor is a player who I feel would slot in well at the Rovers. The creative midfielder is likely to prove a tough challenge for our midfield and defence to handle. Despite not hitting his top form so far this year, his time at Bury proved he is one of the better players in this league.

Do you have any predictions for League Two in general this year?

After losing Doidge and Brown in the summer, we have recruited smartly and I expect us to be successful this year. I predict Plymouth will go on a spell of consecutive wins and will find themselves climbing the table with Ryan Lowe’s attacking philosophy. As for the rest of the league I predict Bradford, who finished rock bottom of League One last season will be top challengers for the title and automatics alongside Exeter, who despite losing a few games recently have a strong squad and had a good start to the season.

And finally, what is your prediction for the game itself?

I think Plymouth will be a very hard test for league leaders FGR but I predict we will narrowly come out on top 2-1.

Preview: Forest Green v Plymouth Argyle

Forest Green Rovers come into Saturday’s home tie with Plymouth Argyle on the back of just one defeat in 10 League Two matches. However, Plymouth Argyle come into the tie playing their first league match in three weeks following a postponed fixture against Grimsby and a 1-0 FA Cup win over Bolton Wanderers.

Line Up

Defender Matt Mills will be available following injury. The 33-year-old played over an hour of Rovers’ 6-0 defeat to Walsall in the EFL Trophy during midweek.

On-loan Celtic midfielder Jack Aitchison looks set to continue in the side. The 19-year-old has scored in each of his last three League Two appearances.

Midfielder Dayle Grubb and forward George Williams remain the only long-term absentees for Rovers.

Predicted Line Up (3-4-1-2)


Bernard, Rawson, Kitching,

Shepard, Winchester, Adams, J.Mills


Stevens, Collins

Style of Play: Possession

Predominantly playing in a 3-4-1-2 formation, Mark Cooper’s side is very possession-oriented, averaging 55.2% per game, a figure which only Crewe (56.3) can better. Very similar to the way Plymouth Argyle began the season. Rovers look to dominate their opposition in order to win games.

They’re similar to Ryan Lowe’s side in more ways than one, often looking to keep the ball on the deck and playing short passes to cut their opposition open as opposed to playing long balls forward to a target man.

Left wing-back Joseph Mills has been Rovers’ biggest attacking outlet this season, registering a combined nine goals and assists (5G, 4A) in just 16 appearances in League Two this season. With the “Green Devils” having only scored 20 goals so far this season, Mills’ contribution stands at 45%. The 30-year-old possesses a great deal of pace, as does fellow wing-back Ben Shephard from the opposite flank.

Both Mills and Shephard use their pace to bomb up and down the flanks in order to run at opponents from out wide or to sprint back in order to support the back three. Mills is the more direct of the two, often laying on a through ball for the attackers whilst Shepard is more likely to hold onto the ball and dribble at opponents before crossing from out wide.

19-year-old attacking midfielder Jack Aitchison was brought in on loan from Celtic following the departure of Reece Brown to Championship side Huddersfield. Brown registered an extremely impressive 26 goals and assists last season (11G, 15A). Whilst unlikely to replicate such figures, Aitchison has already provided four goals and assists this season from his 10 League Two appearances.

In tune with Forest Green’s possession-based style, neither of their forwards are particularly tall or effective in the air. Attacking pair Aaron Collins and Matt Stevens stand at 5ft 8in and 5ft 9in respectively. Instead, the pair are at their most effective with the ball at their feet or on the shoulders of defenders, looking for the through ball to run onto goal and score.

The pair have managed a combined five goals and four assists so far this campaign with three of those goals coming in the 4-0 hammering of Salford. With 46% of Forest Green’s shots coming from outside the penalty area and just 28% of their possession being in the final third, it would be fair to say that the attacking duo are often perhaps not utilised as well as they could be in this system.

Star Player: Jack Aitchison

Despite the hefty contribution of Joseph Mills this season, Jack Aitchison is probably Forest Green’s most important player. The youngster had big boots to fill after the departure of Brown in the summer, but the Celtic man started well and is in-form. He has scored in each of his last four appearances, including their opener in their 2-1 win over high flying Cheltenham.

With a burst of pace and a bit of trickery up his sleeve, Aitchison is exactly what’s needed in a Forest Green side that is amongst the lowest scorers in League Two this season – only seven sides have scored fewer.

His recent form has proved vital to his side retaining top spot in the division ahead of the likes of Crewe. Also, in a very possession-based side, his squad topping 82.2% pass success is vital for a player who plays in an attacking midfield position as he does.


Having a back three means that Mark Cooper’s side is often exposed down the flanks and as a result are vulnerable from crosses. This puts a lot of pressure on Farrend Rawson to win his headers, but with a 73% aerial duel success, he is the tenth best defender at clearing headers in the league, winning an average of 6.22 every 90 minutes (13th highest in the league, minimum five apps).

The side have only conceded ten goals this season, a divisional low, but that could rise if they fall prey to the more physical sides in the division such as Newport and Northampton. This, along with their weakness at defending down the wings is exactly the sort of thing that could prove to be the achilles heel in their promotion hopes. As we head into the second half of the season, opponents will become wiser to their weaknesses and look to exploit them.

Prediction: Forest Green 1-1 Plymouth Argyle

Argyle will come into the encounter buoyed by an impressive 1-0 away win at struggling League One side Bolton and with an almost full-strength side will be looking ahead to an impressive encounter that is set to be shown on tv.

With both sides weak at defending down the flanks there will be plenty of opportunities for both sides. But, as both teams are in form and with a lot to play for, a score draw looks very much on the cards.


Forest Green Rovers v Plymouth Argyle live on ESPN+

Forest Green Rovers v Plymouth Argyle live on ESPN+

Saturday’s match between Forest Green Rovers and Plymouth Argyle will be broadcast live on ESPN+ in the United States, as well as beIn Sport, Kayo Sports, HUB Sports 2 and other international sports broadcasting services.

It’s will be the second time that one of Argyle’s West Country clashes has been shown live in the past month after the 1-1 draw with Swindon Town was similarly selected for international coverage during the last international break.

Ryan Lowe’s men head to top of the table Forest Green this Saturday for the 3:00 kick-off knowing that a win will be important to prevent his team falling even further away from the play-off places. Given the team have to face 2nd placed Bradford the week after, failure to secure three points this week could leave Plymouth Argyle facing at least a seven-point gap to seventh and a ten-point gap to third at the start of December.

This will be Plymouth Argyle’s first-ever competitive meeting with Forest Green Rovers and all the tickets for the away end have already been sold. However, the club are operating another beam-back service in the brand new Green Taverners suite.

Green & White: Pre-Season Predictions

With just days to go until the upcoming 2019/20 League Two season kicks-off, we predicted where Argyle will finish as well as which sides will be looking for promotion, the play-offs and relegation.

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