Join Argyle Life

Writing for Argyle Life gives you to the opportunity to reach to over 30,000 users who read our website every season.

If you have ambitions of becoming a sports journalist, joining Argyle Life will help you take another step towards fulfilling them.

Sports journalism is an exciting but increasingly complicated and competitive area. To get a role, you need to be more than just passionate, determined, and knowledgeable about football.

Firstly, you’ll need to be able to demonstrate your passion and experience. Writing for Argyle Life will show how passionate you are, particularly from a younger age. It will also provide you with a collection of quality articles that show off your writing skill, which will be useful when applying for internships and permanent roles at professional media organisations.

Second, journalism – like many office-based roles – is not heavily linked to digital. Argyle Life can help you learn and improve these skills regardless of your current experience:

  • Learn how to use a CMS (website management tool) to publish and edit articles.
  • Understanding what search engine optimisation is (SEO) and how to write articles that are optimised to drive more traffic from search engines.
  • Experience managing multiple social media platform and marketing content on social media to reach larger audiences.
  • Produce and edit podcasts (optional)
  • Send marketing emails (optional)
  • Design graphics (optional)

In addition to this, Argyle Life will help you improve your writing through experience and support. You will also better understand how to find a relevant angle in any story to make it relevant and drive people to read it without resorting to clickbait.

If you’re interested in joining Argyle Life as a writer, podcast participant, social media manager or podcast editor, please get in touch via email.