Oscar Threlkeld wins March Player of the Month.

Congratulations to Oscar Threlkeld, who is Argyle Life’s Player of the Month for the first time. He is closely followed by Jamie Ness (11.82) who, like Ruben Lameiras in third (11.03), takes his place on the monthly podium for the first time.

March wasn’t the best month for Argyle, with just one point picked up on the road following a draw at Fleetwood and a loss to Charlton. The last gasp winner against Bristol Rovers at Home Park was followed up with the demolition of Southend on Good Friday. Lameiras, who ranked seventh before the Shrimpers arrived in Plymouth, was instrumental in that match, and received an average rating of nine and the man of the match bonus from each scorer to project him into third place.

Carey, meanwhile, misses out on the top three for only the second time this season; the other month was September, when he was sent off against MK Dons and missed the subsequent three matches.

Between them, Threlkeld and Ness were the two most consistent players this month, and rightfully take the top spots. As it was, Threlkeld’s assist against Southend nudged his average match rating high enough to pip Ness to the title. Our congratulations go to both players, who have recovered from injuries during the first half of the season to provide a tangible boost to the team as they press for promotion.

  1. Oscar Threlkeld – 11.99
  2. Jamie Ness – 11.82
  3. Ruben Lameiras – 11.03
  4. Graham Carey – 10.98
  5. Zak Vyner – 10.58
  6. Ryan Taylor – 10.05
  7. Moses Makasi – 10.05
  8. David Fox – 10.03
  9. Gary Sawyer – 9.79
  10. Remi Matthews – 9.64

To find out more about the points system, read below.

Previous winners:

Although the Argyle Life Player of the Month is new, we have used the methodology to calculate the winner from each of the previous months of the season. Read more about how we caluculate each winner below.

August: 1. Luke McCormick (12.31); 2. Graham Carey (12.25); 3. Jake Jervis (12.11)
September: 1. David Fox (12.51); 2. Gary Sawyer (12.27); 3. Luke McCormick (12.16)
October: 1. Yaan Songo’o (15.53); 2. Graham Carey (15.02); 3. Ryan Edwards (12.62)
November: 1. Sonny Bradley (13.65); 2. Aaron Taylor-Sinclair (13.45); 3. Graham Carey (12.39)
December: 1 Graham Carey (14.13); 2. Toumani Diagouraga (13.68); Ryan Taylor (12.85)
January: 1. Antoni Sarcevic (14.08); 2 Graham Carey (13.31); 3. Ryan Taylor (12.53)
February: 1. Antoni Sarcevic (14.33); 2. Graham Carey (14.00); 3. Ryan Taylor (13.66)

How it works:

Each player receives a match rating from 1-10 and one player from each match receives a man of the match bonus. The players are scored by a variety of of individuals who have witnessed every match this season. The scores are aggregated and weighted against the number of appearances, before the Man of the Match bonus is added.