Plymouth Argyle’s rearranged fixture with Macclesfield Town takes place tonight. To get an opposition view ahead of the encounter, we sent a few questions the way of Twitter’s Silkmen Army.

First of all, how did you get into supporting Macclesfield?

Macclesfield Town is in my blood. My father and his parents have lived in Macclesfield their whole lives. It’s an important part of who I am; I go with my dad, brothers and grandad and one day will take my children. I love it and it defines me.

Are there any Macclesfield players in particular we should be looking out for this weekend?

I’m always impressed with Corey O’Keeffe on loan from Birmingham. He lides past players in forward areas and is trusted to play wing-back when needed. But Danny Whitehead from Salford is a class act. He was crucial in our promotion season two years ago and is so assured on the ball. Doesn’t deserve to be in a relegation fight at all.

We have to talk about the club’s financial issues, which have hit the headlines in recent weeks. How are things looking on that front at the moment?

Terrible. We’ve been docked six points for not playing against Crewe and the late payment of players that has happened for the last 9 months now. Further sanctions may be coming too for the postponement of the game with you guys first time around. This will put off any future buyer of the club and puts our very existence in extreme doubt. It’s bleak.

What sort of tactical style do you expect to set up with on Saturday?

Mark Kennedy likes the high press system and to play out usually. We do chop and change the personnel regularly but we had three CB’s at the weekend with wing-backs. A couple of CM’s, two 10’s and Joe Ironside up front with his back to goal, holding it up and laying it off. Didn’t work too badly with us cruelly losing in the last five minutes vs Exeter after working back level from 2-0 down.

And are there any real weak links in the side you’re worried about?

We’re short for goals up front. Most games end with both teams scoring fewer than two goals. It’s tight, low risk, low scoring football. Firepower is short at present.

What first comes to mind when you think of Plymouth Argyle?

Probably deserve to be at a higher level. Strong fanbase. Decent ground (been once before). Miles away! 1-1 draw in 2012 with George Donnelly scoring an equaliser in the 94th minute on a Tuesday night at the Moss. I remember thinking you guys won’t be home before 3:00am at best and must have been pig-sick.

In an ideal world, which Argyle player, if any, would you like to sign?

Probably Danny Mayor. Seem to remember him being a crucial part of Bury’s successful promotion winning side of last year. Would do a great job in the blue and white of Macclesfield if he thought Devon was too far away from home.

What are your predictions for League Two in general this year?

Top end doesn’t really concern me too much but it looks like three from four at the top for automatic promotion. I think Crewe are a strong side so expect them to make it. Swindon have goals in Doyle so looks like one of yourselves and Exeter for the other spot. I’ll back you guys to edge it.

Bottom end I’m praying Stevenage’s horrific season continues. It’ll be one of them, Morecambe or ourselves for the trap door and it looks like Boro are currently the worst. No offence to them but long may that continue.

And finally, what is your prediction for the game itself?