After a defeat in midweek, Plymouth Argyle will look to get the positivity flowing again when they face Wigan this weekend. Ahead of the game, we spoke to Will Jones of Wigan Athletic USA for our Opposition View.

First of all, how did you get into supporting Wigan?

This is not a simple answer as I am not from Wigan but basically through the video game FIFA funnily enough. After that I decided to visit the UK and went to watch Wigan and thoroughly enjoyed it. I have been back over a few times to see them and have friends in Wigan now.

Are there any Wigan players in particular we should be looking out for?

Our best players are probably Kal Naismith and Lee Evans. Assuming they are playing in their preferred positions which is not a given at the moment for us unfortunately.

We were all shocked by events off the pitch at Wigan this summer. How are things looking at the moment in that regard?

Things are looking better thankfully. There is an ownership group in the process of approval with the EFL so fingers crossed, but the administrators are confident there will not be an issue getting approval. Hopefully, we will know more in the next week or two and we can start to rebuild the club.

And what have you made of your start to the season on the pitch?

It has not been great, but I don’t think realistically anyone was expecting it to be. We have a decent starting 11 but they have never played together, and one or two injuries can throw our entire squad into disarray due to a total lack of depth.

What have your first impressions been of ex-Argyle manager John Sheridan?

He talks sense and to me seems like he will do ok. It is so hard to judge him with everything going on and I think he deserves the benefit of the doubt given that he came in when he did. When he agreed to take over we didn’t have owners lined up and were playing a starting 11 with 3 or 4 young kids in it that had never played professionally.

What sort of tactical style do you expect to set up with on Saturday?

We’ll probably play the same 4-5-1 that we have with two holding midfielders. Depending on who plays in the number 10 role, they will act as more of a true midfielder or second striker.

And are there any real weak links in the side you’re worried about?

The real worry at the moment is the defence. They haven’t played together, and we just have so little depth there that it has caused us a lot of issues. Luckily our left back Pearce should be back for Saturday which will allow others to play in their preferred positions.

What first comes to mind when you think of Plymouth Argyle?

The first thing that comes to my mind is an image of a nice-looking green kit and Cornwall. I know Argyle is a well-supported club and is a place I would absolutely love to see a game as I would like to visit Cornwall.

Which Argyle player, if any, would you like to sign?

I know you have Joe Edwards who is a player who has been around for a while that I rate. Just the sort of experience we need at the minute.

What are your predictions for League One in general this year?

I think we will be ok from a Wigan perspective particularly if the new owners use the January window like I expect they will. The couple months may be a struggle but ultimately, I think we will finish lower mid table. We have some good players but just too little depth and too many holes in the squad to compete for much more than that.

And finally, what is your prediction for the game itself?

We have not been great the last two games without being easy to beat. Luckily, we have a player or two coming back into the squad which like I said will allow players to come back into their preferred positions. Argyle have made a decent start to the season so I will go with a score draw. 1-1.