Remi Matthews: 7. Another good game was had by Matthews by and large who picked up his second clean sheet in a row. He claimed most of what he had to deal with admirably in terms of crosses and his distribution was also accurate. One flap in the air however near the end of the game (combined with the fact he did not ultimately have that much to do) brings his rating down from an 8 to a 7.

Oscar Threlkeld: 8. Threlkeld may not have been on his best form in the first few games after his return from injury but the last 4 or 5 games have seen a return to the domineering form at full-back that helped us get out of League Two (and then some). He’ll throw his head in the way of anything and his athleticism combined with long-range passing ability often provides a means to get the ball out of defence when we are clinging on to a late lead, as was the case against Bradford.
Zak Vyner: 7. He had a slightly iffy first fifteen minutes of the game in which he seemed a little too complacent on the ball and occasionally played teammates into trouble but that problem soon disappeared. For most of the match, he showed all the signs of being the energetic yet classy centre-back that he has the potential to become.
Sonny Bradley: 8. Bradley is another player whose form has improved in recent games, putting in yet another imperious performance to go alongside his one last week at Oxford. Everything that went his way was stopped and cleared, the accuracy of his passing was also much improved.
Gary Sawyer: 7. After a shaky couple of games leading into this one, it was a relief to see the reliable left-back back to his usual solid form, letting little get down his side. If Argyle do get promoted, the ‘no frills’ players like Sawyer who produce a 7 out of 10 performance more often than not will be to thank, as well as the attacking stars like Carey and Lameiras.


David Fox: 8. MOTM. Once again permitted to thrive in his ‘role in the hole’ in front of the back four, Fox’s passing was as inspired in its vision as it was accurate in its implementation. Spared from heaving to do the midfield ‘heavy lifting’, his ability to intercept loose balls and recycle possession with either the short pass or the long was integral to Argyle winning the midfield battle.
Jamie Ness-8. There’s no other way of putting it: Jamie Ness was quite simply everywhere. He reminded me of a young Conor Hourihane in his final season for us (albeit Ness himself is only a month younger than the Irishman) in the way he buzzed about the midfield, snapping at the heels of whichever player had the ball and winning it back for Argyle. His industry combined with Fox’s efficiency won us the game- just a shame about that miss right at the end!
Antoni Sarcevic-7. His general play, whilst far from poor, was not perhaps quite of the standard of recent games as he tended to tire towards the end. However, that was more than made up for by his incredibly quick responses to make the right run to get the shot away for the (albeit deflected) winning goal.

Ruben Lameiras-7. For spells in the game, he looked excellent, picking out through balls to Taylor on a couple of occasions but not quite being able to execute them. In a paradoxical way, Lameiras’ flaws make him more exciting. If he’s as good as he is (and another assist in this one) whilst having a few flaws, he could be a truly incredible player when he works on his end product a little.
Graham Carey-7. He didn’t have his finest game in the attacking sense, with quite a few passes not going as he intended to, but he shone in the other side of his game which is his incredibly high workrate. He made himself an outlet on multiple occasions in the second half when Taylor was being tightly marked or double marked, even though receiving long balls is hardly his forte and was not Argyle’s primary game plan.
Ryan Taylor-6. Not one of his finest performance, losing a couple more aerial duels than he usually does. However, dispensation must be given in that he was tightly marked and having two men on him at times created more space for Carey and Lameiras to pick up the ball and interlink with the overlapping full-backs.

Yann Songo’o-6. Subbed on in the 86th minute.
Aaron Taylor-Sinclair-6. Subbed on in the 86th minute.