Remi Matthews – 6

Let down by his defence for three goals he had little chance of keeping out. Not a bad performance, but occasionally he failed to make it clear if goalkeeper or outfielder should go towards the ball.

Oscar Threlkeld – 6

Committed as ever, but his high-action style sometimes verged out of control. His natural energy and athleticism is an asset, but he makes fewer mistakes when he can tame it.

Zak Vyner – 6

Lost Grigg for his goal, but generally played well. His experience at right-back means he adds passing ability and pace to the centre of defence that neither Bradley nor Edwards have, for all their strengths.

Sonny Bradley – 4

An uncharacteristically poor game. Failed to pick up Massey for their second and beaten in the air by Burn for the third. His body isn’t made to keep up with their fast forwards like Grigg and Powell and he wasn’t clever enough to adapt.

Gary Sawyer – 5

Nearly a memorable game for Sawyer. Admittedly, all for the wrong reasons as his lob over Matthews just looped over the bar. Like Bradley, he struggled with Wigan’s pace.

David Fox – 6

As always, his passing was precise and intelligent. However, he failed to dominate as he often does. The snarling, physical football that Paul Cook encouraged meant this wasn’t a game that suited the cerebral midfielder.

Antoni Sarcevic – 5

Frustrating. His movement off the ball was excellent. However, he failed to make anything of the good positions he got into. Lucky not to give away a goal when his poor backpass was seized upon by Grigg.

Jamie Ness – 6

He wasn’t bad at anything and was reasonably competent in most areas, but that’s what’s holding him back. Think of all the world’s best midfielders. They all have specific specialties. Ness is too much of a jack-of-all-trades.

Ruben Lameiras – 6

He’s a fun player – I’d wager there aren’t many midfielders in League One who have the range of fancy flicks and tricks the Portuguese has. His decision-making needs work: an instance where he missed an easy ball to Carey on the break springs to mind.

Graham Carey – 8 (MOTM)

He can beat you in so many ways. Against an athletic full-back in Byrne, he beat him not with pace but with his superb skill. Did well to win a penalty, and should arguably have had another one.

Ryan Taylor – 6

Yet another shift where Taylor tried his best. Unfortunately, he was up against a classy centre-back in Dan Burn who gave him little to feed on. His sheer, relentless scrapping created the odd chance for us.