A brief introduction: 
Argyle and Wycombe go into the game having each suffered a start to the season that could only be described as ignominious. Both sides on one point from three games, they will each go into Tuesday’s fixture with a state of mind that, whilst not calamitous, might be defined as ‘mild panic.’ Of course, it’s early days in the season and as last time out showed, August and September are far from definitive of the season as a whole, but it’s never nice to be around the relegation zone and what last season also showed is that it can leave sides with too much ground to make up to be able to make the play-offs. Wycombe and Argyle are both starved of goals with the visitors netting just one in the entire campaign so far and the hosts not getting any from open play.

The game between the two sides is seeped with acrimony in recent history with Argyle’s bitterness first developing back in the Sheridan era, as home fans goaded Argyle off the pitch in the second leg of the play-off semi-final with a sarcastic rendition of ‘Three Little Birds’ as Argyle ended the former manager’s era with a whimper. Things came to a head even more in Adams’ first season with ‘GPS-Gate’ at the away game delaying the start of the fixture and the infamous post-match bust-up in the home leg of the same season. Things calmed down a little the season after but Wycombe fans were far from pleased at Argyle jeering off an injured player…although with all the incessant time-wasting that goes on, perhaps they could hardly be blamed for thinking the worst.  Tuesday’s game will be sure to see tensions bubble to the fore once again.

Head to head
Argyle have not won against Wycombe at Home Park in our last 6 attempts.

There is not a long history between the two clubs with the first ever match between them only coming in October 1994.

The biggest margin of victory between the two sides was in March 1998 where Wycombe beat Argyle 5-1 at Adams Park.

Predicted line-ups
Wycombe (4-3-3): Allsop, Harriman, McCarthy, El-Abd, Jacobson, Thompson, Freeman, Saunders, Kashet, Akinfenwa, Williams.

Argyle (4-3-2-1): Macey, Moore, Edwards, Canvan, Smith-Brown, Fox, C Grant, Carey, Lameiras, Taylor, J Grat=nt.

Writer’s view.
Argyle are due a win this season…Argyle are surely well overdue a win against Wycombe at Home Park after six attempts since going back into the lower leagues. Derek Adams too seems to generally get the better of his feuds but never, ever underestimate the ability of Wycombe to annoy the hell out of the Home Park faithful with a gritty, undeserved and dissatisfying result. 0-1.