Luton supporter Daniel Coady gave his opposition view ahead of the League One match between Luton and Plymouth Argyle.

Hi and thanks for talking to Argyle Life? How long have you been a Luton fan?

My first game was in 1999, so 19 years this year.

It’s been a real rollercoaster over the past fifteen years. Is there finally some stability now?

Yes -we’ve become a lot more stable on and off the pitch, thanks to current board and both of the last two managers.

So far so good for you this season. What do you put that down to?

A large part of it has top be the momentum from our promotion last year. It also helps that there’s been no squad overhaul, just a few small improvements where needed such as the addition of no nonsense defenders.

What has been your style of play under Nathan Jones and how do you think he has done in his nearly three years at the club?

We’re fundamentally a good footballing side, trying to play out from the back more than we used to. As a team we play good, quick football but some times lack composure in front of goal. The narrow diamond system has become a well oiled machine now. Jones has improved a lot, previously he was occasionally too emotional in decision making, Now he’s a very good manager with a strong set of coaching staff, only minor weakness is occasionally leaves it too long to make a sub

You infamously signed Sonny Bradley from us this summer. How’s he done for you so far?

He had a shaky start but he’s been solid recently, he’s especially great in the tackle.

What about Jake Jervis who you signed in January and is now out on loan. Why didn’t it work out for him?

Seems to be attitude, as a few others have said in the past.

What are your thoughts when you think of Plymouth Argyle as a club?

Lovely setting & stadium. Hopefully, I can get to Home Park this season- I quite like the club.

The two clubs had a bit of a rivalry in the days of Joe Kinnear. What are your memories of that era?

Joe Kinnear didn’t cover himself in glory with his comments, but I think he was just trying to gee up Luton fans after a tough spell and relegation. If it was motivational, it worked for both sides though as both finished in the top 2.

Which current Argyle players, if any, would you like to see in a Luton shirt?

Freddie Ladapo – we’re an option short up front. It’d be good to see our former loan GK Matt Macey too, who’s a good keeper.

How do you see the rest of the season going for both clubs?

Both to finish top half, Plymouth will rise like last year if they stick with Adams, our hardest job is holding on to Jones.

Finally a score prediction for the game?

2-1 to Luton and hopefully an entertaining game