With our thanks to Shrewsbury fan Alex Lewis. Follow @Salopsbluearmy  for more.

How did you get into supporting Shrewsbury?

My dad was a steward at the old Gay Meadow so I managed to get to a few games when young and just fell in love with the club. It was interesting for me because I grew up in a area of mainly Wrexham fans. For those who don’t know the rivalry, it’s like being a Plymouth fan in Exeter.

Your season so far has been quite a shock for those looking in, with few predicting you to be in the top two at this stage. How’s it been from the inside?

Few predicting us? Please find me these few people as we were all expecting another relegation dog fight! Seeing this team play has been mind blowing. Can we dream of this continuing and Salopians nerves being shot to bits as we approach the run-in? Yeah why not.

What did you make of the game at Home Park earlier in the season which ended 1-1?

The game back then was a simple case of ‘let’s not lose our unbeaten run to bottom of the league’ so a draw was actually a great result for both clubs. We could have won it but it wasn’t to be and it looks like it was the kick-start you guys needed.

With the multitude of championship clubs chopping and changing managers, do you think you’ll be able to keep hold of Paul Hurst for much longer?

Why would he go? He’s started something brilliant here, why swap it now? He has been linked with every Yorkshire team that lost their manager since the season began but luckily he’s not shown the slightest of interest.

What style of play and formation do you usually play?

4-5-1 is the usual formation. Our style of play is all dependent of the team we are playing, as we do tend to match them up. If the opposition want to play football, we will play, if the opposition want to play long ball, we’ll join you.

Who are the main players to watch out for in your squad and what are your strongest areas?

Our star man is Toto Nsiala at centre back. He is a rock (with only a few slack passes here and there) and is on course for making the team of the year. Our central midfield 3 are just something else. You will not find a side who run as much as ours which is why we are where we are.

Where, if any,  are your weaker areas?

The final ball leading to goals scored is a weak area. Our wingers can put in a peach of a cross…but it tends to be about once in ten attempts.

Do you think you’ll be able to maintain your good form for the rest of the season and get promoted?

Hell no. I have said all season this form will come to a end soon…but that said, I’ve been proven wrong all season and with the added spice of a new found rivalry with Blackburn, our players will want to beat them to the line.

And what of Argyle’s chances of nicking a play-off spot?

Why can’t you make them? Look at where you are now compared to when we first played each other. And IF we make it through the autos, I will be rooting for you guys to do Blackburn over in the play offs.

Finally, a prediction for the game?

It’ll be a win one way or the other. And it’ll be by 1 goal. Being pessimistic I’ll say 2-1 to Argyle.