The tangible sense of excitement from O’Rourke’s update earlier in the day has turned to an air of uncertainty, as BBC North West presenter Roger Johnson informed us via Twitter that no deal has been agreed yet.

Earlier, we received information from well-regarded journalist O’Rourke who stated that a deal had been agreed.

These two journalists clearly portray clashing opinions but there is a possibility that they are both correct. Lowe may have potentially agreed or even signed a deal with Argyle, but other legal factors such as compensation between Argyle and Bury could still be causing problems.

Due to the turbulent situation at Bury, it is likely that the Bury owner is possibly holding out for an agreement. It has also been reported that Bury’s staff who were previously waiting for wages have been paid their backpay. This would make it harder for Lowe to leave without compensation and further indicates that it may be money which is at theĀ  However, we must stress the fact this is only a possibility at this stage. Argyle fans will be hoping for a resolution soon.