Last week betting was suspended at numerous small scale betting branches across the UK but today found a much more prominent member of the betting scene suspend their bets for the next Plymouth Argyle manager. Sky Bet is the betting outlet in question.

Sky Bet is the most popular betting shop in the UK and are more likely to receive inside information which subsequently effects their odds. Being associated with the global news network, Sky News often affects the odds as they have numerous sources providing intelligence on a situation.

However, although you may infer from this that the announcement of Argyle’s new manager is imminent we must stress that a betting market being suspended can occur due to two different factors. The first being inside information and the other being that someone has made a large scale bet, or indeed that too much money in general has been staked on a particular outcome.

The reasoning to the market being suspended does not seem to be known, yet questions must be raised as to why someone would place such a large scale bet on something so uncertain. It is now no longer possible to bet on the job through either Bet Victor, Paddy Power or Sky Bet, all of whom had odds open.

So, is an appointment really imminent. If so, who is it?