Last night saw Plymouth Argyle owner and chairman Simon Hallett take the hot seat at a fans Q&A which was well document by Michael Savage on twitter. During this Q&A, Hallett revealed many answers to questions that the Green Army have been asking over the past few weeks since the departure of former first team manager, Derek Adams.

Interviews still taking place

Hallett stated how interviews had taken place and that some of these interviewees have other clubs involved. The Bristolian millionaire also confirmed that he is prepared to hunt for the right man instead of just going for someone who knocks on the door. This would reinforce the speculation surrounding assumed favourite and current Bury manager Ryan Lowe.

It was previously announced that Hallett would be prepared to hunt for his man but would not be prepared to pay silly money.

Location, location, location

Hallett later went on to state how the club has received strong candidates whom were unwilling to relocate to the South-West of the country. As stated yesterday, Lowe has reportedly reached a stumbling block regarding the distance and is currently contemplating whether the move down south is appropriate for him and his young family.

Lessons learnt

Hallett also suggested during the interview that the new manager will not be receiving a five year contract like Derek Adams did.

There has been no more news regarding potential new managers at this point but we can infer from the situation that the selection process isn’t quite over, as Hallett states that there will be no appointment within 48 hours. There is no need to worry about the length of time regarding the appointment as new CEO Andrew Parkinson yesterday announced that the process is currently running on schedule.

For more information about Ryan Lowe, the current favourite for the managerial role, read our analysis of his time in the hot-seat at Bury.