In the latest update regarding the vacancy at Plymouth Argyle, it appears Ryan Lowe is struggling to make up his mind about a move to the south coast.

Lowe considering his options

The recent chase for a successor to former Plymouth Argyle manager Derek Adams has taken a potential hit.

Alan Nixon, a very well-regarded journalist, stated that the decision of potential successor Ryan Lowe is “down to whether he wants to move that far down south.” The statement indicates that this is the final factor regarding Lowe’s move from recently promoted Bury.

The Liverpudlian’s interest in the role is likely to have arisen from the instability at Bury, given the delayed and absent pay since March and the financial danger the club remains in. Many believe that Lowe is looking for a more stable club in order to support his family, but today’s reports suggest that he is having second thoughts regarding his move from the North-West of the country. Indeed, with the recent news of potential investors at Bury he may stay put, since he is Mr.Bury after all.

Nixon has also previously claimed that Lowe is the club’s preferred successor to Adams and reaffirmed as such in a follow up response. In this tweet, he also appeared to claim that the club have yet to approach any other candidates.

Plymouth Live have already claimed that Lowe held talks with the club on Thursday 9th and are set to hold further interviews with other candidates either side of this weekend.

Nixon a reliable source

Nixon is certainly a source that can be trusted, as anyone who follows our Plymouth Argyle Transfer Centre will be aware of. As ‘the king of transfer gossip for the Daily Mirror’, he has regularly been right about speculation of all kinds.

Therefore, it is likely that the speculation regarding Lowe is all accurate but questions should be raised as to why he has spoken to the club despite the distance being a clear stumbling block to him and his family.

The Liverpudlian remains the current front runner for the job, but today’s reporting has certainly given the club legitimate concerns about his potential longevity in Plymouth.