Today was the expected day of arrival at Home Park for Bury boss Ryan Lowe. However, a delay in proceedings appears to have forced the club into postponing the announcement until at least tomorrow.

Alan Nixon earlier confirmed Twitter that Ryan Lowe was indeed in Plymouth today to sort out the terms regarding his proposed move. Many expected an announcement this afternoon. The expected deadline does, however, appear to have been postponed until the end of the week.

Shakers chairman speaks out

The Bury chairman earlier shared his thoughts on the situation and provided confirmation regarding the fact that Ryan Lowe had indeed held talks with Plymouth Argyle. The chairman appears to be relatively out of the loop as his statement provides little detail and lacks any type of inside knowledge that we have not already become accustomed with.

“Leaving the Club, clearly not something we want to see but Ryan is a young man starting on his management career and who are we to stop his trajectory if he wants this. Plymouth asked to speak to him we sanctioned but as far as I know he is still with Bury.”

Despite the delay, Argyle fans have every reason to believe there is little concern of this proposed deal not crossing the line. Lowe’s main stumbling block was thought to be the prospect of relocating. Since he was in Plymouth today discussing terms, we can in all likelihood infer that this is no longer a problem on his mind.