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Here we go then, 9 games to book our place in the 2006/07 Championship Play-Offs for the prize of Premier League football. A pilgrimage into a new world for Plymouth Argyle FC.

We start with un-wanted bids for Timar from a team that should not even exist in 2007. I’m pretty sure Beckham has yet to even go to La Galaxy at this point, far from establish a MLS franchise of his own. Go away Inter Miami. We are in the middle of something here.

It’s a thankless job trying to appease two of our best ever goalkeepers whose careers happen to overlap in such an important season. I’m going to have to throw in Romain for a little while to keep everyone happy.

Mid-table Wolverhampton Wanderers kicks off the first of our final 9 games.

Hasney is injured so in comes the enigmatic Tony Capaldi.

He gives us the lead on 9 minutes with a fierce strike.

Wolves equalise and hold on for our 8th 1-1 draw of the season.


Ipswich getting dangerously close to ruining our season.

Rejecting Inter Miami’s Timar bid spiked contract discussions. Happy to give him what he wants.

Old friends Burnley. Forgot to play Larrieu.

He will be playing next time.

Nerves beginning to kick in. Our play-off place is far from secure.

I swear to god, time travelling David Beckham needs to leave us alone.

What kind of name is Inter Miami anyway?

Sunderland away. A team that were interested in taking Romain from us earlier this season.

They gave us the run around and should have scored more, all we could do was foul them and give up 6 yellow cards.

The season is falling apart.

The cherry on the absolute rotten cake of a couple weeks, is losing David Norris for the rest of the season but could return in time for play-offs.

If we make it.

The Inter Miami – Timar saga comes to an end with the signing of a new contract.

The most important game of our final 6. A chance to give us some breathing space at play-off chasers Ipswich.

With David Norris sidelined with Akos in the stands on crutches, I have entrusted 18 year old Graham Carey to be our creative spark in what could be the move that kills this entire series, or the crazy master-stroke that leads to glory.

I didn’t know Scott Sinclair was on free-kicks, but he curls one in top corner. All his own work, run’s with the ball down the right, get’s hacked down, immiedatly picks up the ball and set’s it up. Go away Paul Wotton he says, go away Graham Carey, Peter Halmosi. Hell, even go away Hasney Aljofree, he says. This one is mine.

We have won where it counts.

Time for a little breather.

Inter Miami, just won’t quit, they want an Argyle player and have tapped up Tony Capaldi and await his response.

Cinccinati FC, EST 2015 are next, this time after Marcel Seip.

Same team for Carl Fletcher’s visit.

After going completely off the boil the last few games, Paul Wotton is back with a top bins screamer.

Make that 9 1-1 draws.


The midlands sides top of the league meanwhile, are running clear and away with it.

Don’t forget your sunglasses Tony Capaldi, he’s off to Miami.

At the end of the season.

But his season is over in my eyes. I feel betrayed.

Relegation threatened Preston up next. Nalis is rested along with Timar and Halmosi.

Remember the name – Graham Carey!

He finally scores a goal after a non-eventful first couple months without reigestering a goal or assist.

4 minutes added on to the 90 and Preston score seconds before time is up.


This is a picture of the 2nd goal they scored a minute later.

Can you believe it?

Are you seeing this shi-


Bottling it.

After a 24 hour break from this game after the travesty that was the Preston game, I am back to finish the season. We are on the edge of slipping out. We need to win. Sinclair is up front as Ebanks-Blake has misplaced his scoring boots for the last month.


Nalis rolling back the months with a long range screamer. 1 – 0.

Hull’s defence decide to play head tennis with a Peter Halmosi cross…

Ricketts does his best to keep it in…

By booting it at Scott Sinclair’s head. 2 – 0.

Halmosi curls a free-kick in against his future team. 3 – 0.

Sylvan comes off the bench and plays a one two with the post to score. 4 – 0.


That is the response I wanted.

It’s going down the wire regardless. 2 games left.

Seip signs a new contract after interest from America and the Netherlands.

Luke Summerfield’s dad warns us about Luton dangerman Adam Boyd.

Let me remind you of Adam Boyd’s real-life career.

Talking of Luke Summerfield. He has been the guy I have brought on when Lilian and Wotton tire in midfield and when I need him to start games, he has delivered/ Dan Gosling is still in the under-23’s.

And it just had to be Luton who could stop us qualifying for the play-offs.

And here we go then.

And of course there is early drama when Paul Connolly is forced off with a bad injury. Doumbe shifts out full-back and Timar comes on.

Sinclair, weaving and winding his way into the box, shifts it onto his left foot and….





Play-offs are achieved.

And relax…

But it will be without Mr.Consistent, Paul Connolly.

We are one defensive injury away from seeing Paul Wotton back in central defence.

Fellow time traveller, Simon Hallett is delighted.

The u23’s end their min-league undefeated with an 8-0 win and Reuben Reid hat-trick.


Some names on our injury list.

Paul Wotton doing his thing and ranking on goal of the month awards.

The Bruce Bias continues.

No pressure on our last game of the season, but we do want to go into the play-offs with some good form.

Graham Carey and Reuben Reid link up 9 years earlier than they did in real life. The latter being rewarded for a hat trick in the reserves.

And of course he goes on to score the opening goal.

In a very eventful final game of regular season.

Scott Sinclair is currently on flames.

Your final standings. 4th!

Compared to how things really ended in real life.

Confirmation of our opponents in the play-offs. Derby county.

Nothing to separate us looking at the previous games. Identical record. Away wins.

Come back next week for the play-off games!

Wembley bound?