After the triumph of avoiding the sack last week by getting 10 points from 5 games, we head into a very busy December and the new year with our job still very much under threat.

We get another job interview from a club in Dundee. But no thanks Paul Sturrock, I’ve got a job to do.

And it starts at Fleetwood.

Back to losing games.

Here we go again.

Another meeting with the board. Surely they’ve had enough now.

I’ll pack my things.

We’ve been given another 5 games to get 10 points.

I’m not feeling hopeful.

Only the league games matter.

Thanks Luke.

Good start.

3 points.

Surely we aren’t going to scrape by again.

6 points 4 more needed.

The press are calling it the ‘el sackico’ for me and Jon Toshak.

What a huge game.

We couldn’t stop the best striker in the league, Will Grigg scoring two but Freddie comes off the bench to save the game.

7 points.

Now we just need to win one of our next two games.

We lose 2-0 at home to Coventry and Paul Wotton storms out of the press conference.

Club is in crisis.

We need to win against Yeovil or its over.

That was easier than I thought.

It’s a very happy new year’s day win.

Job safe.

The board have incredible patience.

This game is very realistic.

Liam Millar who’s contract runs out in the summer is a wanted man.

Haven’t seen a lot of him this season, but I’m planning to get him more involved.

Championship and Scottish Premiership teams are all after his signature.

The players are unhappy with my management.

I tell them they are just as responsible and move on.

Conor Grant moves on to Burton who just beat us 4-3 with 2 goals in the last 2 minutes.

I don’t want to talk about it.

But Grant wasn’t playing and I need to trim to the squad.

Ashley Smith-Brown is sold to Bolton.

And this guy goes to Rochdale who I didn’t really tell you about.

We beat MK Dons and Liam Millar signs on.

Another ‘el sackico’, this time with Reading.

We prevail and Nigel Clough is sacked.

Our best defensive midfielder is injured.

But the transfer window is open…

Welcome to Home Park H.Kane.

Not Harry, but Herbie Kane.

A very talented all-round midfielder.

On-loan from Liverpool, but his contract does expire in the summer.

This was bit of a coup.

Premier League striker Alexander Sorloth on loan from Palace.

We need more of a presence up top.

6″4″, but can also pass, score and he’s pretty quick too.

Also welcome Glen McAuley who joins for £0 from Liverpool.

17 finishing stat at 6″2. All I needed to see.

This Croatian also arrived after being signed in the summer. Will see how he develops.

Our first newgen/regen signing.

January wasn’t too bad.

We are slowly edging towards mid-table, and the playoffs are in sight.

But nothing like a thrashing at home  to drag us back down.

Wycombe are becoming my bogey team.

The less said about February the better.

But again I had to pull things around and reach a points target to save my job.

Hallet keeps challenging me and I keep getting those sweet 10 points.

When will he just end the misery?

Not to mention Neil Lennon has been down to watch Carey every week, how does he even have the time??

Carey remember, like a lot of others were promised promotion this season.

It looks very unlikely.

I’m not looking forward to the end of the season.

The most I can hope for is to finish in the top half to satisfy the board and keep my job.

And we are on our way to doing that.

Steve Evans seems to storm out of every press conference when we are involved.

Time to start tying up our best talents for next season.

Is it too little too late?

Yup, yes it is as everyone who was promised promotion as part of signing start knocking on my door.  All at once and I can’t convince any of them.

Those whose contracts run out at the end of the season will be going.

Players like Carey, Mason, Shankland and Grimes all have another year. I want to keep them and turn it around next season despite their unhappiness and insitance to leave.

Carey has been phenomenal in the second half of the season too. The player I wanted from the beginning has started to shine, he’s quickly become our top scorerer too.

I wish I could show you all the screamers he’s scored, but I just want to brush this season under the carpet.

11th or 10th is my goal with 3 games left to play.

Didn’t want to keep players who were unhappy and not playing at risk of dragging the dressing room atmosphere down so I pay them off.

That means Freddie is off too. 3 games in 13 appearances this season. I will always remember his role in me saving my job earlier in the season.

Neil Lennon go home.

It’s going to be a summer of discontent.

Edging ever closer to mid-table.

This is how we finished the season. Unbeaten in 2 months



Bang on our media prediction.

Bang on what the board wanted.

Way off what I wanted.

But it was enough to get a 2 year contract extension.

A decreased transfer budget for next season. Not ideal.

16 goals for Graham Carey, came to life in the latter half of the season.

Will we be able to keep him? ( even if it is against his will )

Sorloth managed to sell more shirts though.

For the second year running Graham Carey is player of the season.

Our second half of the season form would see us finish 3rd.

Pompey get smashed in the play-off final by our friend Steve Evans. Bottled.

Exeter lose on penalties in the play-off final. Bottled.

Spurs win the Premier League. Err, not bottled.

With Bolton getting relegated there was only one thing to do.

Welcome back Curtis.

Sorry for the whirlwind of an update. Played a lot over the holidays and just wanted to end the season.

I’ll be back for next season when hopefully I haven’t made a complete mess of the transfer window.

Next season is the one. Promotion.