With the current players currently exceeding for Ryan Lowe, there is no reason to look back to the past,

But if you are like me, you can’t help but wonder what Ryan Lowe could do this season if he had Graham Carey and Ruben Lameiras at his disposal.

So we’ve turned to popular video game Football Manager 2020 to find out.

Here is GC10, back at the greens like he never left.

Both of them have a 1 year deal with the option of another year if the club trigger it.

This is the boss then.

Will be interesting to see if he adapts to having a really good winger and playmaker for this level or sticks to the 3-5-2.

I’ve seen him adapt in my Argyle Life playthrough that you can read here

If pre-season games are the go by, then he looks like he will be shoe-horning them into a 3-5-2…


Not the start Ryan Lowe would be hoping for.

Ruben is playing in the centre of midfield, which anyone can tell you is not his best position.

As for Carey. he’s playing upfront!

Also a couple games in midfield.

And September didn’t go better. 12th position.

Or October.

Graham Carey is still being put up front in a 3-5-2..

Whilst Ruben keeps out Danny Mayor and Antoni Sarcevic in the centre of midfield.

Where he has picked up 3 assists in 15 games. Not amazing.

Carey is doing slightly better with 5 goals and 2 assists in the first 15 games.

As a striker..

This is bizarre.


Just the one league win in November. Oh dear.

Ruben’s form hasn’t improved either, yet he still starts.

Here is how the rest of the squad are getting on. Carey has a little injury, but only managed one goal in November.

It’s not pretty.


Some improvement in December.

As Ruben scores his first 2 goals of the season.

Lowe still lumps Carey up top.

9 goal contributions in 20 games.

But it just feels wrong.


The transfer window is open!

I disabled the Summer transfer window just in case either of them got sold immediately and ruined the entire experiment.

But computer Lowe is doing his best to ruin things by shoe-horning them into a formation that does not suit their talents.

Will they get sold this January?

Because I’d want to leave after that January.


Ryan Lowe-bot will not budge on his favourite 3-5-2.

I think I’ve broken him.

Neither of them left, but Lowe-bot did sign some over 35 free transfers and some loannees.

He’s good for 35 you know.

But why on earth are you signing central midfielders when you have so many good ones, you idiot.


Time is running out for Lowe-bot.

Sack him Simon, just do it. It’s painful seeing him use Carey like this.

What a waste of a season.

( Shout out my boy Padraig Amond from the Argyle Life playthrough. 18 goals, see, good signing after all. )


Tuesday March 17th, the day this madness came to end.

Caretaker manager David Platt managed to beat Exeter.

What is this game?


Coughlan who, in this alternate reality, never went to Mansfield, was sacked by Rovers, and then becomes Argyle manager.

And he plays Carey and Ruben in sensible positions.

But too little too late.

The season ends with a whimper.

Ruben’s positions played. Play him on the wing and hey look, he actually plays well.

Who knew.

Carey’s best impression of a League Two striker actually wasn’t too bad.

10 goals, 6 assists.

Ruben got 6 goals and 7 assists.

So after one season, what have we learned.

A computer generated Ryan Lowe doesn’t have a plan B, Graham Carey scores goals where ever he plays and that just maybe, this was a whole waste of time.

5 months later…

Ruben Lamieras gets a big move to Leeds.

And Graham Coughlan uses that money on signing nobody I actually recognise on free transfers..

Oh, Football Manager.

I could simulate even further , but in my head I’d like to think that Graham Carey under Graham Coughlan’s management galvanises this young squad of nobodies all the way to the Championship and retires a legend.

And I’d rather the game not ruin that for me right now..

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