In recent days around 100 applications have been submitted for the vacant managerial role at Plymouth Argyle – So we’ve put our collective heads together to try and list 100 people who COULD be announced the successor of Steven Schumacher.

Our 5 part series sees us list those who’ve sprung up on the rumour mill, feature in the betting odds, those with experience, the outsiders and the Janners themselves. Including the obvious names, the unlikely lads and some names you may have never heard of.

We’ll aim to drop a new article every day until the new year, but without further ado, here’s a shorter list of former and current greens who could be named top dog:

Who’s missing? Let us know!

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Neil Dewsnip

Current Club: Plymouth Argyle
Role: Director of Football

Sam  | Ok, it sounds preposterous but hear me out. In 2000, Republican Party grandee Dick Cheney was tasked with finding a suitable candidate to be on George Bush’s presidential ticket as the Texas governer’s running mate for the upcoming election against Al Gore. To cut a long story short, Cheney decided that he himself was the outstanding candidate and later spent 8 years as vice-president of the United States. Could Neil Dewsnip, a man clearly heavily involved in the recruitment process and tasked with operational control of the club, decide that in fact he is also the best man to manage the first team directly? It was confirmed in this week’s press conference that Dewsnip will be the de facto caretaker manager, appearing in the dugout alongside Kevin Nancekevill. If he does well, winning say 2 or even 3 games over the Christmas period, a clamour may begin to emerge for him to get the full-time gig. Ultimately, I think it’s unlikely. The last time we combined the manager and DoF roles into a de facto ‘Head of Football’ was Derek Adams in 2018. And we all know how well that ended.



Joe Edwards

Current Club: Plymouth Argyle
Role: Captain

Frazer  | The current skipper is working on his badges alongside playing duties and helping younger Argyle teams, in order to develop his coaching skills for the day he hangs up his boots. He also has a deal in principle to join the Argyle coaching staff upon retirement and will be seen by many as a future candidate for the top job. He embodies the ethos and culture of Argyle, but given he’s still playing and has minimal coaching experience to date, this vacancy has come around a little too early for Edwards. Fast forward a few years and its likely Joe Edwards could be a managing an Argyle side. It’s just not quite yet.



David Friio

Current Club: Lyon

Sam  | If you’re an Argyle fan over a certain age and you’ve got a soul, it would be hard not to be excited at even the hint of this news becoming reality. Friio was one of our finest ever players relative to level and certainly one of the most enjoyable to watch. He still retains affection for the green army on social media and on the occasions he returns to England in person, he has been known to visit Home Park. He’s carved out a decent career for himself in football, as a senior scout for many years at Manchester United and then as head scout and then technical director at Marseille. He’s recently left that role leading some to think he’s a serious contender for the Home Park vanacy. In truth, this probably isn’t the role for him. He’s a back office man rather than a coach and unless Neil Dewsnip goes anywhere, I can’t see us finding a role that suits Daveeed’s admirable skillset.



Ian Holloway

Previous Club: Grimsby Town

Aaron | Could you imagine the meltdown? Ollie back at Home Park? Why not replace an outgoing manager who loved the club, the city and the fans so much he couldn’t wait to leave with more of the same? Schumacher’s move to Stoke still raw, but at least he took us up before jumping ship for more cash. Let’s be real, he’s only on this list to fill space. Not a chance he gets a second serving of that Home Park Gateaux.



Ryan Lowe

Current Club: Preston North End

Adam  | Plymouth Argyle are in need of a manager, and judging by how he’s regarded by the Preston faithful, Ryan Lowe will soon be out of work. What a coincidence. Neil Dewsnip said he’d like a manager in the mould of Lowe and Schumacher, so why not Lowe himself? Well, how long have you got?



Lillian Nalis

Current Club: Lens
Role: Assistant Manager

Aaron |  With 100 applicants surely some of them have to come from former players, no? Couple that our collective desire to pine for a by-gone era – Could Lillian Nalis and his luscious locks soon be back at Home Park? I doubt it, but it’s nice to dream. Currently Assistant Manager to Frank Haise at RC Lens over in Ligue 1 since 2020, could it be time for Nalis to carve his own path in management? Maybe, but not with us. Sorry.



Kevin Nancekivell

Current Club: Plymouth Argyle
Role: Joint Caretaker Manager

Aaron |  Steven Schumacher leaves Argyle as arguably our greatest ever manager, especially when budgets are considered. ‘Schuey’ was given his chance after Ryan Lowe’s departure, could an internal appointment be on the cards this time around too? Give it Nance till the end of the season? A strong start against Birmingham, Cardiff and Southampton and we could be giving it serious consideration. Considered as Mr Plymouth Argyle, I’m not sure Nancekivell has ever publicly expressed his desire to be a manager and being thrust into the Championship spotlight might be overwhelming.



Krisztián Timár

Current Club: Nyíregyháza Spartacus FC – Hungary

Aaron |  The former-Hungarian International might not be too high on many wish lists, but it would surprise me if Timar hadn’t slipped his CV over to Andrew Parkinson for consideration. In 2019 Timar spoke to Chris Errington about his desire to one day lead the side stating it would be a ‘dream come true’ to become the Pilgrims’ next manager – albeit after Derek Adams was relived of his duties post-Accrington. Argyle are now fishing in a completely different pond to then and the Timarnator doesn’t excite me as much. However, his Nyíregyháza Spartacus side are top of the Hungarian second tier and attacking football is clearly a priority having won all of their last seven before the winter break, including high-scoring 7-1 and 5-1 victories.



Neil Warnock

Previous Club: Huddersfield Town

Fin  | Once last dance, Neil? Yes I know, I know – former managers and all that, but Warnock would be the ultimate stop gap if we’re wanting to take more time over who takes the next leg of the project, which is arguably our most important decision in twelve years. Warnock has an impeccable record of keeping teams up at this level with, with that surely being our primary goal for this season. If possible, offering Warnock a contract strictly for 6 months and deal with only on the pitch matters, could bide us the time to nail the next appointment, while ensuring our Championship safety. The fans would be behind him and his record speaks for itself.



Darren Way

Previous Club: Fleetwood Town

Aaron  | Recent relieved of his duties alongside Lee Johnston up in Fleetwood, Darren Way left his role as the spearhead of the Argyle Academy to venture up to the Fylde Coast to join Messieurs Broom and Mayor in mid-September. An experienced coach who has held multiple roles in the world of football; with impressive accolades on his CV too – such as helping Yeovil Town get promoted to the Championship for the first time after winning the 2013 League One play-off final. But, I wouldn’t be so sure an instant u-turn is on the cards, especially into a job far greater than the one he left after failure at Highbury.


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