Before the publication of Plymouth Argyle’s retained list, editors Nick, Sam and Adam debated who should be retained, who should be released and who should be transfer listed.

Paul Anderson

Adam: Entirely dependant on whether the manager wants to use wingers, though considering how little an impact he’s had this season, release.

Nick: This season’s Paul Paton; signed out of necessity. We can do better and should. Release.

Sam: He couldn’t stay fit enough to play any part in the run in and wasn’t deemed good enough for Mansfield. Release.

Niall Canavan

Nick: Canavan has been one of the better defenders this season and is another that should be above League Two level. Retain

Sam: I’m inclined to agree. Probably the least to blame of any of the defenders for our high tally of goals conceded and adds a touch of class to the back four. Retain.

Adam: Defending hasn’t been a strong point this season, but he has looked better than many others. Considering he’s probably under contract anyway, retain.

Conor Grant

Sam: Retain. He’s also very injury prone and if out of contract I’d probably let him go but his versatility and promising performances are enough to earn him another chance in the circumstances If his wages aren’t too steep, retain.

Adam: I agree with Sam that his injury record is alarming, but he does seem to have something about him from what we’ve seen.

Nick: Probably under contract and a decent midfield option that should get better as a player. Retain.

Joel Grant

Adam: Considering Carey and Lameiras are likely to leave, retain. His game had really started to develop well before his injury this season.

Nick: Retain. At the very least a solid League Two squad player. No reason to release him.

Sam: Retain. He was really starting to develop his game well but even in the areas where he was weaker, League Two defenders will be less well placed to exploit them.

Lionel Ainsworth

Nick: Ainsworth is one that Adams totally wasted. He could have had a future under a new manager, but he’ll probably be released before that chance arises. Release.

Sam: I agree. In the 17/18 season he was underused but mostly shone when he was tried, this season he’s been completely cold shouldered. If he’s kept his pace he could be worth a try but perhaps a clean break is best. Release.

Adam: I’d actually like to see him stick around. He’s shown promise in League One and in a lower division and a new manager he could be a different animal. Retain

Calum Dyson

Sam: We will never really know how good he was as Adams never gave him a chance but in truth, he’s probably surplus to requirements with lolos and fletcher as options. Under contract but transfer list.

Adam: Yeah, considering the fact Taylor is likely to stay, Ladapo may stay and young strikers will be available for game time, there is no room for Dyson really. If he is indeed under contract, transfer list him.

Nick: Unlikely that Stevenage will take up their option to purchase Dyson. Transfer list him, though he could prove us wrong during pre-seaosn – you never know.

Freddie Ladapo

Adam: He’s likely to be under contract, and whilst I don’t believe he should have been our starting striker this season he’s clearly talented. Could shine in League Two with the right manager. Retain (though I wouldn’t be against selling for a hefty fee).

Nick: The choice was always between whether we sacrifice Ladapo to get the best out of Carey and Lameiras or vice versa. Given the latter two probably won’t be here next season, let’s build a team around Ladapo as best we can. Retain.

Sam: Retain. His game has flaws no doubt but his strengths should be enough to obliterate League Two defences. Make it clear we’d only sell for a hefty fee.

Kyle Letheren

Nick: Retain. Letheren showed he is good enough to challenge for the ‘keeper jersey next season, and is likely to command a low wage, so there is no reason to release him.

Sam: Agree entirely. Another one whose weaknesses will be less easily exposed at a lower level and our results with him in the side were generally much better Retain.

Adam: I’d like to see Cooper get a chance as number one next season, but even with that in mind Letheren would be a more than adequate backup, and a good mentor. Retain.

Tafari Moore

Sam: Transfer List. Yes he’s young and I’d be open minded to him proving me wrong in pre season but we should be looking for better if we are aiming to get back up at the first attempt.

Adam: I would also transfer list. His confidence was clearly shot and he needed a time away from the side, so a clean break could suit all parties.

Nick: He’s a young player who should improve. I’d give him another chance as backup in a lower division, particularly for financial reasons. Retain.

Ashley Smith-Brown

Adam: Retain. He’s made errors but he’s also shown a lot of promise. As with many of these players, his weaknesses will not be exploited as much by League Two teams.

Nick: Retain. Arguably the best defender this season. No idea why he was dropped. Another who will improve, should be first choice next season.

Sam: Retain. It’s bizarre he was dropped and not recalled following a sudden dip in performances. He improved a lot throughout the season and should improve further.

Scott Wootton

Nick: I said it last season before a ball had even been kicked. Wootton was the weakest of the defenders because of his inability to deal with aerial duels. Transfer list.

Sam: Possibly one of the worst signings made in the past decade. He can’t win headers, is error prone and can’t pass. Transfer list.

Adam: Transfer list. Release. Do anything. If he’s still here next season things have gone badly wrong.