1. Robert te Loeke

Nick: ‘With Michael Cooper already announced as a provisional third choice keeper, it seems unlikely that RTL will last the summer.’

Sam: ‘His performances in the two games he played were patchy to say the least. Coupled with his injury problems, his release is almost certain.’

Verdict: Release

  1. Gary Miller

Sam: ‘Miller was one of the weak links in our promotion season and is out of his depth in League One. Totally unsuited to a style of play that sees the full-backs need to overlap.’

Nick: ‘That’s harsh. Defensively, he’s underrated and held his own in the earliest weeks of the season. One thing that is not debatable is that he cannot offer the attacking threat required. No doubt he can be improved upon though.’

Verdict: Release

  1. Gary Sawyer

Nick: ‘With McCormick departing, Sawyer is now the most senior player in the team. More than held his own throughout the season and remains the first choice left back. In contract and unlikely to be heading for pastures new.’

Sam: ‘I’m less convinced. His form in the first two thirds of the season was excellent but seemed to tail off towards the end. Perhaps he is finally showing his age? That said, his experience is indeed valuable. I’m on the fence.’

Verdict: Retain

  1. Yaan Songo’o

Sam: ‘He was our rock before New Year but found himself less suited to a side playing a better quality of football. With Fox’s excellent form and Edwards to come back in at CB, I can see him reaching the end of the line’

Nick: ‘Has been a very useful asset for Argyle over the past two years and was an early POTY contender. However, Argyle have reached the stage where a specialist player would be more valuable, especially a direct Fox replacement who can dictate the play.’

Verdict: Release

  1. Ryan Edwards

Nick: ‘Argyle’s premium defender for much of the season before it was unfortunately curtailed by cancer. Got a long way to go in his career and Argyle can only benefit from his presence.’

Sam: ‘A fighter on the pitch as much as off it, Edwards will be valuable again next season. Bristol City will almost certainly want Zak Vyner in and around their squad, clearing the way for Eddy to regain his spot in the starting eleven.’

Verdict: Retain

  1. Jamie Ness

Sam: ‘Injuries have prevented his good season from becoming a great one. As frustrating as his fitness is, he’s worth it when he’s on form. We were a lot worse without him the last two games.’

Nick: ‘Another to add to the list of careers that Derek Adams has saved. With new midfielders on their way in he could lose his place over the summer but would be a very valuable squad player at the very least.’

Verdict: Retain

  1. Antoni Sarcevic

Nick: ‘Arguably Argyle’s most improved player compared to last season. Suspensions and injuries disrupted his – and Argyle’s – season. Offers the runs from deep that nobody else in the squad can.’

Sam: ‘In 2017, Sarcevic was good. Underrated, but not perhaps excellent. His two months fully fit in 2018 were a delight to watch, opening teams up when he has the ball and getting into deadly positions when he doesn’t. Let’s hope he maintains it throughout 2018/19.’

Verdict: Retain

  1. Lionel Ainsworth

Sam: ‘I’d have personally played him more this season, but he evidently isn’t Adams’ cup of tea so we may as well free up some wages.’

Nick: ‘I can see the case for and against Ainsworth. Did not impress as much as I thought he would, with injuries and limited game time playing a part in that. Despite this, only Carey and Lameiras created more chances. I’ll go with whatever Adams decides.’

Verdict: Release

  1. Simon Church

Nick: ‘Easy choice really. Barely featured and appears to be reaching the twilight of his career even though he’s not yet 30. Maybe Adams can squeeze something out of him, but there are better options available.’

Sam: ‘He was a gamble when we first signed him, having not scored a goal since 2016. He’d be an even bigger gamble to keep. We can surely do better.’

Verdict: Release

  1. Graham Carey

Sam: ‘A total no brainer. By some way, our player of the season and biggest goal threat. Every season we get to see him play in a green shirt is one to cherish.’

Nick: ‘Argyle’s best player. Simple as that. What makes him so special is that he’s not even a luxury player – I doubt anybody else covered more ground than Carey, possibly in the entire division.’

Verdict: Retain

  1. Ruben Lameiras

Nick: ‘Showed enough promise in pre-season and the Checkatrade Trophy that I had second thoughts about letting Oldham sign him, but I don’t think anybody saw what was coming next… He’s still got a lot to learn, especially defensively, but who better to learn from than Carey.’

Sam: ‘The encouraging thing about Ruben Lameiras is, he’s nowhere near fulfilling his potential. He’s as good as he currently is, getting plenty of goals and assists, without being anywhere near his ceiling. If he just fine-tunes his end product and defensive work a little, he could become a majestic player.’

Verdict: Retain

  1. Nathan Blissett

Sam: ‘Not much to say here really. Good super-sub option for the league below maybe, but his balance and ball control just aren’t of the standard that we require.’

Nick: ‘Certainly he improved under Adams, but he is not yet good enough to be competing at the top end of League 2, let alone League 1. He might get there in the next year or so, but his footwork needs hard work.’

Verdict: Release

  1. Sonny Bradley

Nick: ‘Not the finest of returns to League 1, as frustration and ill-discipline overshadowed his performances early on. However, he grew into the season and built a partnership first with Edwards and then with Vyner. Still improving and hopefully he stays for another few years.’

Sam: ‘His start and end to the season were both questionable, but the sandwich filling in the middle made it all worth it. If he can keep fit and keep his temper, he’ll be an asset once again. I’d even give him the armband with McCormick leaving.’

Verdict: Retain

  1. Joel Grant

Sam: ‘’I’m really on the fence here. He can’t play the role of a central striker, at all, and it’s painful to see him shoehorned in there. However, he has proved himself to be a good option as a wide forward and he has scored goals. For that, I’m minded to give him another year.’

Nick: ‘Had you asked me this question before Easter, the answer would have certainly been different. Very good at dribbling, but even more wasteful once in a dangerous position. Chance creation was abysmal, especially compared to Ainsworth. Must improve next season.’

Verdict: Retain

  1. Aaron Taylor-Sinclair

Nick: ‘Assuming he’s on a one-year contract, I doubt he hit the target for an extension. However, during the season ATS showed himself to be good competition for the left back spot and I doubt there’s much budget for a better replacement.’

Sam: ‘I agree. With Sawyer getting on in years, that too is an opportunity for him to get more games next season. Not only that, but he is versatile, having played wide left and in central midfield in recent weeks.’

Verdict: Retain

  1. Oscar Threlkeld

Sam: ‘Threlkeld has come on hugely this season from an energetic but often over-committing defender to the all round full-back he has shown to be this season. What might have been if he was fit for the entire campaign…’

Nick: ‘I think that’s a bit harsh on Threlkeld of 2016/17… But he has indeed continued to improve and is a complete full-back. He’s got it all in his locker: stamina, composure, technique, timing, instinct – surely he’ll play in the Premier League one day.

Verdict: Retained

  1. Ryan Taylor

Nick: ‘Surely nobody has any doubts about how important Taylor is to the side now. The question here is less about whether Argyle should keep Taylor, and more about who they should sign as his backup.’

Sam: ‘Carey is our best player, but Ryan Taylor is our most important one. Having a big striker who can make great use of the ball, whilst also holding off defenders was vital to our great run of form in the winter months. He allows us to play the mixed style of passing football combined with long-balls at times. It’s imperative we keep him.’

Verdict: Retained

  1. Gregg Wylde

Sam: ‘Like Blissett, a decent League Two option but not a League One player. He offers little except for pace. May have another year on his contract but he doesn’t have a future at Home Park.’

Nick: ‘Offers the ability to beat a man that appeared to form a key part of how Adams wanted to play earlier in the season. Unfortunately limited in ability and when the formation changed to 4-3-3 he was a spare part.’

Verdict: Release

  1. Luke McCormick

Nick: ‘It’s a real shame to see McCormick go. Superb servant to the club and by no means out of his depth in League One – his superb start to the season proved that. To be honest, I expected him to return to the first team next season, but, alas, no.’

Sam: ‘In spite of a pretty good start to the season, I can actually see why he was let go. Whilst he’s a good keeper for this level he isn’t an excellent one and with Letheren we already have a capable back-up and as I’d be looking for a new first choice, something had to give.’

Verdict: Release

  1. David Fox

Sam: ‘He isn’t a very versatile player, but the one role he can play he is absolutely vital for us in. Constantly recycling possession and opening up play in his midfield quarterback role, he’s got at least another season in him yet.’

Nick: ‘Similar to Taylor, he plays a very important, specific role within a very delicately balanced formation. Again, the discussion should be about who can be brought in as direct backup to lighten the load.’

Verdict: Retain

  1. Kyle Letheren

Nick: ‘I’ve heard that he might be on his way, but I cannot see why. He is a very solid backup and could possibly be first choice if he hit the right run of form. What would be the point in signing a new backup when we already have an ideal one?’

Sam: ‘I have to agree. What’s more, he seemed to really get a lot out of coaching Mike Cooper when the latter was in the matchday squad as Letheren was coming back from injury. That, and the fact that he’s made noises about wanting a career in football after retirement, means he’s perfect to keep a bit of experience between the posts as back-up/competition.’

Verdict: Retain

  1. Jordan Bentley

Sam: ‘He was making decent progress this season until the killer injury that ended his campaign early. He’s worthy of another year to see how he progresses.’

Nick: ‘Won’t return from injury until pre-season is underway. The young defender should form a part of the new reserve squad and try to build a career for himself.

Verdict: Retain

  1. Alex Fletcher

Nick: ‘Promising first season for Fletcher as a professional. A long way to go yet, but a season-long loan to a National League club could be the way to go.’

Sam: ‘He’s not the finished article just yet but there have been games this season where he’s shown real flickers of promise. Worth persevering with? For sure.’

Verdict: Retain

  1. Callum Rose

Sam: ‘Haven’t seen a great deal of him, but it sounds like he’s made great progress with Dorchester. I can see the case to give him one more year but with Bentley, Hodges and Law all on pro deals, the defence is a little congested’.

Nick: ‘Although Adams has already stated that Rose will be released, I cannot understand why. He’s successfully established himself at Dorchester and could fairly expect have the opportunity to make the step up to the National League South – no mean feat at the age of 19.’

Verdict: Retain

  1. Paul Paton

Nick: ‘Paton is by no means a bad player, but he really wants to be occupying the position that Fox does in an entirely different set up. I just don’t think that this is the role for him. His wages could go to hiring a backup for Fox.’

Sam: ‘I have to agree- that and the fact he’s barely looked fit for the few games he’s been in the team. A gamble that did not work out.’

Verdict: Release