We’re delighted to announce that our Podcast, Green & White, has joined the TalkSPORT fan network.

TalkSPORT recently approached us due to our resurgence of the pod this year, great feedback both online and in the reviews and an increase in weekly listenership – all of this has been down to your input and engagement; we appreciate the support endlessly.

We’ll now strive to continue the weekly Argyle fan-led content that led us to where we are now and joining talkSPORT Fan Network will allow us to grow our listener base and provide increased exposure all while being a part of the biggest sports radio network in the world.

This does now mean you’ll hear carefully selected adverts on our podcasts, however we’re aiming to re-invest whatever monies are collected back into Argyle Life (hosting doesn’t come cheap), better content, audio equipment and even look to see what we can put back into the club somehow.

But what is the TalkSPORT fan network?

TalkSPORT is the biggest sports radio station in the world with award winning content, reaching over 3.3 million people every week. At the start of 2022, they launched their new mantra “Powered by Fans” with the intention to keep listeners at the heart of what they do.

In summary, the talkSPORT Fan Network is a individually selected group of podcasts created by fans for fans which perfectly aligns with their motto.

TalkSPORT do a fantastic job of covering all sports but they recognise that 80% of their content is around football and of that 80%, the majority is around the top 6 in the Premier League and this opportunity is a great way that they can offer listeners club specific content for every team, in our case Plymouth Argyle.

We’re genuinely excited to see where this partnership goes and, again, really do appreciate every listen, review, like, retweet, engagement and question asked along the way!

Thank you!